Summer Lovin' and Outdoor Outings.

As children, summer was always a guaranteed pleasure. As we grow up, summer becomes a gift, a much needed break in the midst of chaos. But it's never as it once was. If we're lucky we can carve out some real vacation in between summer jobs, internships, freelancing, summer classes and portfolio work (that we should be doing but probably won’t). 

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After classes ended, I took a week off to enjoy the beach with my mom. While laying there, taking in the sea breeze and sun, my mom turned to me and said something that probably wouldn't have meant much to me under any other circumstance. She said “You know, some people never experience this. You can't help but think maybe things would be different if those inner city kids could see this just once.”

It's hard to believe that some people never see the beach, or enjoy nature at that. See that the world is bigger than just their little bubble. I've been lucky to basically spend every summer at the beach and almost every other weekend in the country four wheeling and eating blueberries straight from the bushes until my face was purple.

Baggu Bags, Perfect for everything. 
Caftans, effortless chic. 

Nature truly has a way of putting things into perspective and reorienting yourself. I encourage everyone to get out this summer and enjoy it. Get some sun. Vitamin D makes you happier. Get some fresh air. Clear your mind of the clutter. Take the time to recharge. If you are planning to get out, here are some things that make it a hundred times better. 

1. Burts Bee's Herbal Insect Repellent | 2. Urban Decay Cannonball Waterproof Mascara | 3. Supergoop! 50spf  sunscreen with vitamin C | 4. Sand-Off wipes

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