Simplicity, The Name of the Summer Game

It's summer. It's Georgia. IT'S HOT. My usual styling is always super made up, lots of fancy pants and blazers. I love a good patterned pant and a sleeve. Full make up and statement jewelry. But it's summer. It's Georgia. IT'S HOT. Not to mention my place of work is a nice walk downtown. So my styling has taken a 180 to simple but incredibly well done pieces. Here's what I'm currently all about:

Slender Jewelry:
Collar Necklace
Uncovet Collar
Bing Bang East Side Cuff

Strappy tops and dresses:
Image 1 of FLOWY DRESS from Zara
Flowy Dress
Image 1 of PRINTED DRESS from Zara
Printed Dress
Wrap Back Cami

Easy Breezy bottoms:
Loose short with elastic waist
Lace Trim Short
Intimates to make it possible:
Essential Triangle Bra
Strappy Bra

Stay cool mes amis.

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