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Four weeks into the quarter, and I'm already ready to book a flight home to visit my family. It seems like only yesterday it was spring break, and now, fully immersed in my classes, I find myself wishing for those 10 days of zero commitment and bliss. I guess feelings like this could be brought on from spending 12 hours each day at the windowless jewelry building. It could get incredibly dull sometimes...

But then there are places that make me feel at home. Places that ease the pain of missing my family and friends and familiar smells of the place where I grew up.

Last weekend, after the SCAD Radio Record Fair, myself and some friends ventured into one of the most beautifully decorated buildings here at SCAD. Now, I have to say - SCAD is not the kind of [art] school to leave any corned untouched, let alone undecorated. SCAD does an incredible job of decorating their facilities with alumni art and local art in order to let creative juices flow to their full extent. However, Morris Hall, SCAD's newest hall for the Fashion Marketing program is literally adorned from floor to ceiling, wall to wall with BEAUTIFUL decor, detailed sculptures, and fantastic modern furniture.

Literally, everything about this building from the rugs to the wall paper to the curtains to the atmosphere, everything felt so right.

How could you not fall in love with a place that is as beautiful as this?!

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