Back to School Week: Shoes to meet the Cobblestones

One of my main concerns with packing for back to school is something that I have learned the hard way; Savannah WILL EAT YOUR SHOES UP. No lie. Foreals. I can't even count the number of fabulous shoes that have fallen because of the Savannah treks. From cobblestones to old pavement, it is essential to have shoes that can stand the wear of the streets and not tear up your feet.

On my packing list are going to be my tried and true favorites:

 Sam Edelman Fringe Booties
-A newer edition and also great. Comfortable and great to add a little warmth for cold classes. The heavy duty sole and thick heels are good for the wear and will be a great transition to fall and winter.

Vintage Cole Hann Loafers
- A little bit worn for ware but add a finnished look to any outfit. Perfect comfort and stands up to any wear and tear.

Steven Madden Loafers
-Canvas, can be thrown in the wash, and as comfortable as Toms.

Loeffler Randall Rain Booties
-Fantastic asset for rainy days and go with everything

Nike Free
-Of course they're great for running around downtown, literally and figuratively. They can give a chic look a sporty element like we've seen from last Spring and through Summer, and you'll have some shoes that can double for your workout.

Sam Edelman Chunky Heel
-The most comfortable heels I own. They add a little refinement to any outfit and the chunky heel means that they wont get knicks from sliding down in between the cracks of the streets.

Vince Camuto Leapard Sandals
-Not so comfortable for long walks but good enough to walk from the car to class and back. Great to for adding a little extra to an outfit without going over the top.

From what I've learned from my tried and true here are some of my favorite choices for additions to the back to school collections. I've kept the same things in mind and I recommend you keep them in mind too: Comfortable for long walks, transition pieces that can last multiple seasons, Neutrals or styles that can easily be mixed into your wardrobe, thick heels that won't fall into the nooks and crannies of the pavement, and shoes that can double for multiple events.
Left to Right: Sol Sanna | Sam Edelman | Report | Zara | Zara | Sam Edelman | Adidas | Nike

Happy Shopping Mes Amis!

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