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Tastemakers and artists seem to be emerging from Vancouver, exuding the simplicity and harmony of the city within their designs and creations. Vancouver's young talents are the ones to watch, and two girls specifically are definitely the ones to watch, making serious moved with their fashion startup.

Started by two friends in 2010, Hey Jude is a collaboration between Lyndsey Chow and Lauren Clark, who's shared taste in fashion and appreciation for vintage clothing brought together this wonderful shop. Versatility appears to be an important focus in their brand through their clean lines and sophisticated appeal found in their naturally colored garments.

The Georgia Straight noted in an article covering the shop last August that shoppers are finding more appreciation for previously loved clothing. With the age of the blogger as the style influencer, more and more people are turning to thrift and second hand stores for their wardrobes. Clearly this movement is also a cheaper way to find unique pieces that were once high in demand but fit the style of the present day shopper.


(photos via HeyJude Spring 2014 Lookbook)

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  1. Coats -

  2. This is really cool! Try to visit they have nice clothing, pants, formal wear and accessories too!


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