Tradeshow Highlight: CAPSULE Mens A/W [Brands to Watch]

This past July, Capsule hit New York for their biannual mens tradeshow. The brand lineup was fantastic, and tons of rising small businesses attended such as Apolis, In God We Trust, Stolen Girlfriend's Club, Nicholas K and countless others.

After scrolling through each designer/brand's page on the Capsule website, these are the brands that stood out to me the most:

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen is an American brand dedicated to blurring the lines between high fashion and wearability. The twelve piece collection shows versatility and simplicity. The styling alludes to his interest in mixing the everyday garment with something more sophisticated. His interest in breaking the barriers between casual and formal wear is certainly something that could influence a generation.

Photos courtesy of GQ

Marshall Artist is a British menswear label who's interest is in tailoring for the modern man. The brand's creative director, Neil Maloney, chose a small bar in London to shoot the A/W lookbook with boxer, John Kays as the model. The clothing appears to be inspired by typical British mens street fashion but with incredible detailing and tailoring. The denim is form fitting and creates a more formal feel for the wearer rather than casual. 

Chapter's fall collection, Lone Odyssey is captivating in their ability to create a story through the art direction in their lookbook and clothing for this fall. Their take on minimalistic garments and ability to create wearable art through draping and tailoring is their biggest strongpoint, and easily makes them my favorite. I would love to see their pieces in person, but their lookbook does a great job of displaying the clothing in motion. Chapter is a small clothing company nestled in Costa Mesa, California. 

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