"In the Now" Tuesdays: Caps and Wraps

In theory, I love hats. I am obsessed with those stylish individuals who can pull it off. Personally, I do try occasionally but its always so awkward for me (when you go indoors do you take it off? cause it seems rude otherwise, but then what about your hair...). Especially with the whole cap revival that came into play in the spring and has lingered through the summer, something I LOVE, but also something that would take a little work for me to pull off. Props to those who can rock it.

of a/Kind

In practice, I am DEFINITELY loving head wraps. I've had this super nice silk scarf for years and had never worn it until this summer's turban/head wrap trend came on. So perfect for those summer days when you don't feel like putting effort in your hair and light enough so you won't be melting in the heat.  C'est main tenant.headscarf7

How to Tie a Turban | LEAF

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